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ProQuip is the exclusive distributor for Zerofit base layers in the UK and Ireland.

Zerofit is a Japanese sports technology brand and manufactures the ‘world’s warmest base layers,’ for elite sports and outdoor pursuits.

Laboratory testing found that Zerofit’s patented Heatrub technology successfully generates five times more heat than an average compression base layer.

Mr Koji Higashi, founder of Zerofit and owner of Eon Sports and Giga Golf, said:

“A standard base layer seals in body heat through compression and tightness of fit which can cause the wearer to sweat more and feel restricted. Zerofit is different, a blend of five innovative fabrics and a patented knitting process creates a relaxed comforting fit, insulating warmth around the body and generating heat in response to physical movement; we call this friction heating.”


  • Generates instant heat by ‘friction heating’
  • 5 x warmer than traditional base layers
  • 4 way stretch properties
  • Regulates temperature with activity
  • Long sleeves and mock neck

How Zerofit Friction Heating works

Extra-long fabric bristles on the underside of the base layer move and create friction, generating warmth and helping muscles to stay loose, providing maximum comfort and freedom of motion in colder conditions.

The Superfit profile is tailored to adjust to the wearer’s individual body shape providing an exceptionally soft feeling fit and contrasting to the compression approach of traditional base layers.

Russell Brooks, general manager of ProQuip Golf, said:

“Zerofit base layers are some of the best garments we’ve encountered in 40 years manufacturing and selling weatherwear and golf apparel. They stand apart from other performance base layers because they deliver unprecedented warmth, comfort and freedom of motion at the same time as being super-soft, lightweight and functionally efficient at wicking sweat and retaining heat.”

Zerofit Move

  • Featuring ‘labo’ fabric technology
  • maximum heat and zero sweat as labo transfers moisture from skin to garment outer shell
  • constructed with 45% polypropylene, a material far lighter than polyester, nylon and water, providing more warmth, less weight and retaining heat for longer
  • High neck for comfort and protection

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